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EXPlayin is a board game production team that develops, manufactures, and sells board games under the series “rikeigames” (science games). Our games focus on scientific themes such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and programming.

Comprised mainly of current students from the University of Tokyo, we create board games like “Organic President” and “Prime Number Speed”.

Organic President

Organic President” is a board game based on organic chemistry, a subject taught in high schools! Using the reaction cards in your hand, players advance organic synthesis reactions. The first person to use up all his/her cards wins.

As you play and replay the game, you’ll learn the basic reaction pathways and principles of organic chemistry in a fun way!

Thermodynamics Workers

Thermodynamics Workers” is an innovative board game that combines thermodynamics with sugoroku (a type of Japanese board game) and strategy! Set on a PV (Pressure-Volume) graph, which is crucial in thermodynamics, players ‘work’ to earn energy in the game.

While enjoying the game, players can learn about various physical processes in thermodynamics, as well as concepts of work and energy. The rules are clear and straightforward, making the game enjoyable for everyone, from elementary school students to adults, and suitable for both arts and science enthusiasts.

Prime Number Speed

Prime Number Speed” is a game where players factorize integers using the prime numbers in their hand. It helps players develop a mathematical intuition necessary for understanding integers.

Each match is a quick, 5-minute battle, offering an intense real-time experience. While playing, you’ll enhance your calculation skills. The game includes a variety of composite numbers, ranging from one to five digits, making it enjoyable for everyone from elementary school students to prime factorization enthusiasts!